What We Do

The First Parent Initiative supports and advocates for women with unplanned pregnancies. We listen to you, to your hopes and dreams with compassion and respect. Text an Advocate

Our Mission & Vision


Unexpectedly pregnant? We’ve got your back.

Learning you’re pregnant can be shocking and stressful. The First Parent Initiative is here to alleviate that stress. We walk alongside women with unplanned pregnancies to be a trusted friend and reliable resource for information on your options and your rights. We may be also be able to help with pregnancy-related expenses such as housing, food, prenatal care, and even maternity clothing. We want to make sure all moms are healthy and supported, and that all children are in safe and nurturing homes.

The choice is yours! 

We’re a not-for-profit agency with no agenda. We’ll listen to your dreams, fears, and hopes, and provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision about your pregnancy.

Download our booklet for more in-depth information on steps to take after finding out you’re pregnant. If you’d like to confidentially speak to someone in person, contact us anytime at: 503-550-9310 mail@thefirstparentinitiative.org

“I am not giving up on my baby. I am not giving up on my dreams. I am not giving up on my life. I am not giving up on what matters most. I am making the toughest decision I will ever make, but one that will ensure my baby has the most beautiful life with two parents who love her and can give her the world.”

– Liana

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