There are many choice to be made each day.

We see plenty of news stories every time some political move happens around abortion. People write about it, post on Instagram, and make a lot of noise. Whether they are for or against, we get to hear everyone’s opinion.  It’s something you may have an opinion about. But, what about adoption?

In life there are many choices to be made each day – some are easy to change and some are not so simple. Trying a new hair color is not life changing. Getting a tattoo may not change your life, but it will be a regular reminder of something.

When considering options about an unplanned pregnancy, lots of people will give their opinion about what to decide. Be cautious about where advice comes from and if the decision will change their life. So, we hear about abortion often but not about adoption – unless it has to do with foster kids. Of course, they deserve attention and we join with those to find permanent homes for kids in foster care. But we can’t help but ask, what if they could have been adopted by a family before they went into foster care? What if the mom of those kids could keep in contact with them and know they have a chance at a good life?

That’s open adoption! The mother works with an advocate to protect her rights and those of her child. If adoption is the right choice, she looks at profiles of families ready to provide a home for her child. When she sees a family that seems like a good fit, the advocate arranges a meeting. Nothing is final, it’s just a meeting.

If she chooses the family and everyone agrees, they get to decide how much contact they will have. This could include photos, calls, or visits. That’s an open adoption. If you’ve been looking around The First Parent Initiative website, you’ll see on the Adoption page a section about adoption myths. The question about never seeing the child again is a myth. The reality is that the child’s birth mother is honored and respected, and can see the child grow.

If you or someone you know is uncertain about what to do with an unplanned pregnancy or perhaps parenthood is not an option, get in contact with an advocate. The website has a live chat. Or text (503) 550-9310, or message us on Instagram (@thefirstparentinitiative). An advocate is ready to listen anytime.