Connecting with a Smart Phone

A survey this past year confirms what we know – Smartphones and Snapchat are the way to connect. The poll asked teens from 13 to 17 which social media platforms they used and which ones they used most. No surprise Facebook was down – it’s mostly used to share pictures with grandma.

The number one site: YouTube. Not long ago I saw two college students with their cars nose-to-nose with the hoods up and jumper cables on the ground. They were looking at YouTube videos on their iPhones to learn how to jumpstart a car with a dead battery. Sure, why not! We use YouTube to learn what we need when we need to know (and for music, fashion, food, and….)

Even though Snapchat was third in line behind YouTube and Instagram, Snap absorbs more time. YouTube is used most often by 32% of teens, Insta is only 15% used most often, while Snap is used most often by 35% of the teens surveyed. There is a lot going on in the Snapchat world…friends, entertainment, sports, and news, and much more.

There is an upside and downside to social media. Most think it’s good (31%) when used for connecting with friends and family or news and info. The darkness of social media use is when it’s used for bullying, spreading rumors, or when it interferes with in-person relationships.

And the world is learning – if you want to connect, make sure the message looks good on an iPhone. Laptops, tablets, and desk-bound computers are still out there, but most people are getting information on a phone.

We’re going through a change at FPI. Updating the website for mobile (and it will work on a laptop screen too). We’ve added the live chat to connect with advocates. If you are a friend need someone to talk with, reach out…that’s why we’re here.

Connecting with a Smart Phone

Information is this post is gathered from the Pew Research Center survey “Teens, Social Media & Technology 2018” released May 31, 2018.